Saturday, August 8, 2009

I made it to the last round

I was in Tarlac City when i learned that I made it to the last round of the Scrappin' Moms Idol 3 together with 11 talented ladies:

Here's my entry for Week 5 to create a handmade book inspired mini album:

the albums's cover...

the pages...

front and back cover, hidden journaling and the book...

my ATC's...

How my chosen book inspired me: I used the book entitled Spiritual Connections by Sylvia Browne published in 2007 as inspiration for my mini book. Thus, the title of my mini book My Connections (see front cover where I made a shaker). Browne’s book is about each relationships a person may have in a lifetime (or many lifetimes) – from family, friends, lovers to enemies, co-workers, schoolmates or even himself. This book also explains how these countless people have an effect in one’s life, no matter how fleeting, aggravating or toxic it may have seemed.

For my mini book, I did 10 pages including the title page (four 2- page spreads and 2 single pages) sharing my different connections/relationships with the important people in my life in this lifetime – my family in pages 1 and 2 (Chapter 3: Family Members), my husband Danny in pages 3 and 4( Chapter 4: Romantic Partners), my children in pages 5 and 6 (Chapter 3: Family Members), my friends in pages 7 and 8 (Chapter 5: Other Loved Ones... on Earth are on the other side). I also included a page showing my connection with myself in page 9 (Chapter 6: Our selves). I took a line or two from each of the above chapters and used these for my “exposed” journaling as I also have hidden journaling. But to make it more personal, I also wrote letters to my family, Danny, Jigs and Dannah and LB Scrapaholics. These are tucked inside in between the mini album pages (see attached photo).

For the ATC’S, I made one for the cover page with the subtitle I am connected and two more to contain the chosen lines from the book chapter (see attached photo).


Exposed journaling:

Page 1 – Family brands our souls and impacts our entire lives.

Page 4 – Love is pure and spiritual.

Relationships in any form shouldn’t be hard. If they are, something is wrong.

Page 6 – A boy is a son until he takes his wife.

A daughter is a daughter all her life.

Page 8 – Friends are priceless gifts.

Page 9 – Take a few minutes to form a unity with nature, as it truly is an elixir for the soul.

My hidden journaling (tucked in between the mini album pages)

For pages 1 and 2:

To my dear family,

I know we are faced with so much challenges at this point in our lives and it brings me so much pain. But the good thing about it is that we are facing these TOGETHER...

Tatay, I pray for your full recovery from your stroke.

Nanay, stay strong and healthy. You are indeed the light that shines in our home. I don’t know what I’ll do without you.

Jayvee, Dominic and Jerome, we are all grown-ups now. I hope you will be able to achieve your goal in life. Stay with our family and never leave. Jayvee and Jerome, be good fathers and husbands to your children and wives. Dominic, I pray for your happiness in whatever direction you wish to go.

Che and Pau, thank you for taking care of Tatay. You are a big help to our family. Che, as you start your family, I do hope you’ll learn from the mistakes of those older than you. Pau, hold on to your dreams for I’m confident that you’ll go places.

To my nephews, Goboy, Gavin, Gero and Ziggy, you bring me so much joy. I pray that you grow up to be the persons you want to be! Be good boys!


(Ate/Tita) Timi

For pages 3 and 4:

My dearest Danny,

We’ve been through a lot in the 14 years that we’ve been together. But I’m proud to say that we surpassed them all. I always thank the Lord for giving YOU to me and the kids. We are so lucky to have you. Always remember that I love you no matter what always and in all ways! Missing you and I’m waiting for your homecoming.



For pages 5 and 6:

My dearest Jigs and Dannah,

How time flies! Both of you are growing up so fast. I still remember years back when you were still babies, so dependent on me for all your needs. Now that you’re in your teens, Jigs and in your pre-teens, Dannah, I know it’s time to let go and accept the fact that you are no longer my babies. But just the same, always remember that I love you now, I’ll love you tomorrow, the way I loved you yesterday. Be good!


For pages 7 and 8:

My precious friends,

I thank the Lord the day you came into my life. For the longest time, I missed having friends. But when you all came, you made me feel how to have friends again and be a friend.

Thank you for all the support, and for sharing the passion for scrapbooking with me. Looking forward to more themed parties and photo ops with you. LOL!



Thanks for looking!

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