Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Incorporating Letters in your LOs

I love to write letters. I can write 16 pages or more in just one sitting. I have done that when my husband was still working overseas and the only form of communication we have was through letter-writing. But when the cellphone craze came, my letter-writing became less frequent. But just the same you can count on me as a far as letter-writing is concerned. I tried to incorporate letters in some of my LOs, just like in these two:

In this LO (which is my entry in Pinoyscrapbookers Kaya 2 Challenge), I wrote a letter to Dannah as she turned 10 years old. Here's my letter (hidden beneath the title, on tag):

Dearest Dannah,

How fast time flies! I can still remember the day you were born, 10 years ago. You were a very special baby girl being born prematurely (35 weeks). You stayed in the incubator for 12 days due to infection. Then there was this problem in your digestive system. Thank God you were not operated on. That would have given me so much pain.

Look at you today at 10...who would say that you had encountered those difficulties when you were still a baby? You grew up to be a smart, healthy, talented, generous and kind-hearted girl! Carry on with these traits. For sure these will help you achieve your goals in life. A reminder though, do not be too generous as you may be taken advantage of by not so good people around. I can see that you have a tendency to give everything you have even if it means nothing is left for you. A word of advice... keep a little something for yourself. It always pays when you do some things in moderation. It will bring me much pain when I see you get hurt.

Always remember that I love you so much. Big girl as you are today, I will always remember you as my sweet little baby, a survivor till the end.

Love, Mama

Here's another one (my entry in Lasting Impression's Scenic Route Challenge):

In this LO, the letter was not original. It was adapted from a song by one of my favorite local singers, Kuh Ledesma entitled For Isabella who is her daughter. My letter goes:

Jigs and Dannah,

I never felt so happy in my life now that I have the both of you by my side. I never want this feeling to end, this special moment I will cherish for a long time. And through the years I'll always be with you, MY INSPIRATION in everything I do. And when you smile it eases my mind, one look at you and everything will be alright. The two of you are the best thing that came into my life.

Mama -adapted from Kuh Ledesma's song, For Isabella

Original or not, what counts is the message that you want to convey...

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