Friday, November 9, 2007

My "3 Bugs in a Rug" LO's - Part 1

I love 3 Bugs in a Rug! Aside from the colorful papers they have, the big prints on their papers allowed me to try my hand at doing some cut-works which is one of my pet peeves. I have to admit, I'm not so good at it! My first international submission on an online gallery was in This opened the door to more galleries/challenge blogs to which I submit my work to. Let me share my 3bugsinarug LOs. They are also found in the idea gallery of

Here's the first one:

For this LO, I used their Tickled Pink collection. There's not much journaling so that means I stepped out of my comfort zone. You know the feeling that there's something lacking in your LO? I always feel that way when the LOs I create lack "my long heartfelt journaling" . Anyway, you can clearly see what makes me happy - FAMILY, SCRAPBOOKS, FRIENDS, TRAVELS and LOVE.

My second LO:

Again I used the Tickled Pink collection. This LO saw some "firsts" in my journey to the world of scrapbooking - my first LO using 3bugsinarug and my first time to do "extreme cutting job" because I cut all the floral desings on the paper and made a wreath out of them in my LO. The photo was taken last New Year's Day. We were all in red for the ocassion (not the first time though, done that thrice). It has been a family tradition basically because red looks good in my LOs and nothing more(LOL) . My husband Danny came home for good last December 27, 2006 from his stint in Saudi Arabia that is why the LO's title is REUNITED AT LAST!

Jounaling reads:

Jigs (11) and Dannah (9) are growing up so fast. In a few years time, both of them will be kids no more. This is the reason why after his 10-year stint in Saudi Arabia as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker), Danny decided to be back home for good!

I know there's a lot of adjusting to do for the four of us since Jigs, Dannah and myself were apart from Danny most of the time since 1997 except for 1 ½ to 2 month- vacation he was entitled to every year. With the four of us together this time around, I'm sure we will be able to surpass the challenges that lie ahead. We've done it when we were apart, what more now when we are reunited at last!

This is third one:

This LO is one where I cut the circle and floral designs of their Rhapsody paper line. Again, I felt there's something lacking in my page. What else but my "long, hearetfelt journaling". The LO is about the three coffees in my life: Danny -my original coffee, James -my extra stong coffee and Dannah, my sweet coffee. The photos were taken two years ago in a coffee shop in Los Banos, the Bean Hub. We're not really fond of coffee and it was the first time for James and Dannah to try frappe. Unfortunately, they didn't like it as it was too strong for their taste. The LO's title is "MY COFFEE TRIO". Just like coffee, the three of them always keep me awake and gets me through the day... I should have written this somewhere in my LO. Maybe I'll try to add some more journaling on this page.

There are three more LO's to share. I'll be posting them some other time. Thanks for looking!

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