Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It pays to be on time

Lasting Impression had a Piggy Tales Challenge last September. The original deadline set for submission of entries was September 30. Being a good girl (hehe...), I uploaded my 2 entries to Lasting Impression's Gallery in time for the deadline. Unfortunately, only two made it to the deadline (Gaye and myself). Ms. Vivian announced several days after that the challenge was extended to give way to others who might still want to join. The rules were also modified. Originally, it was to use 2 patterned papers, at least tag or chipboard letter, at least 2 different shapes, the word fairy, tale, piggy or a line or phrase from a fairy tale or nursery rhyme in your title. Gaye and I, being the early birds followed those rules to the letter. For being good girls, both of us earned a special gift pack from Ms.Vivian which I claimed during the Grand Reopening of her store last Saturday (Nov. 17). Here is what I got:

My prize -Piggy Tales (Humpty Dumpty) papers and taglets. Thanks, Ms. Vivian!

Here is my first entry:

Materials used: Patterned papers- Piggy Tales Little Red Riding Hood Grandmother, The Basket, The Forest and Red Cape; Piggy Tales Taglets (circle and square); silk flowers (red and cream); brads, DCWV alpha stickers (Tale of the Lady in); diecut alphabet (RED), buttons, lace, DMC thread, glitter glue
Shapes used: circle and octagon

The journaling is hidden beneath the photos and it reads:

Once upon a time, there was a lady named Timi who hated the color red. Anything red she disliked – red clothes, red shoes, red bags, anything red! She vowed that she would never wear anything that was red. She found this color too loud for her personality, too glaring and too flashy. For a time, she was into browns and dark blues.
One day, when she was shopping for clothes, she noticed this red blouse, as if inviting her to try it on. She tried it on and it fitted her just right. To her surprise, it looked beautiful on her. With that red blouse on, her face glowed. It put the sweetest smile on her lips like never before. That was the first red blouse she bought and wore. From then on, whenever she shopped for clothes she would always consider red, a color she used to hate but learned to love. And now if you look at her closet you will find more of reds than any other color!

And my second entry:

Materials used: Patterned papers: Piggy Tales Goldilocks and the Three Bears (Broken Chair, Goldilocks, Great Big Bear); Piggy Tales taglets and pieces (circle, flower, tab); brad, ribbon, fiber, ricrac, button, DMC thread, DCWV alphabet stickers, glitter glue, metal charms (cat and boy); Shapes used: circle, rectangle and triangle (photo corners)

Journaling reads (hidden beneath the photos):

This tale is about a boy and his cat…
Once upon a time, there was a boy named James who didn’t have any responsibility at home. You just couldn’t depend on him to do any given household chores. All he did was play, play and play or watch television in between. He was a very studious boy, though.
One day, James found a lost kitten. It was very tiny, hungry and feeling cold. At that instant, he decided to give the tiny kitten a home to stay and gave him a name, too. He gave the kitten a royal name, Prinsipe. He patiently fed Prinsipe with milk until the time when it was ready for solid food. He always saw to it that Prinsipe was kept warm. He had a special basket lined with old clothes which became Prinsipe’s home for a while. Because of Prinsipe, he came to take responsibility and tried his best to learn some household chores especially those that concerned his favorite pet.

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