Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Interpreting Sketches

I'm sure there are times when you run out of ideas when trying to do your layouts. And you find inspiration in sketches done by scrapbook artists. A friend gave me a copy of Page Maps she downloaded from the internet. It has been useful to me especially when I can't think of an original LO. Just recently, My Little Attic had a contest entitled Sketch and Scrap. Participants had to follow Valerie Salmon's (also a Filipina scrapper who is based in the US) sketch. Let me share with you two LO's I created for this contest plus of course Valerie's sketch.

1st LO - Not Just my Ordinary Girl. This is my daughter, Dannah. She's 10 years old.
Journaling reads:
From the day you were born, I already know that you are not just an ordinary baby girl. You were so tiny and weak, having been born prematurely at 35 weeks. But you fought and survived.

At a very young age you already understood why your Daddy has to be away from us to earn a living in a far away place like Saudi Arabia. That again proved that you are not just an ordinary girl.

You are not just an ordinary girl for so many reasons. You are generous, caring, determined and kind-hearted. Young as you are you have already shown your utmost concern to family members, schoolmates and friends or even to strangers.

And most importantly, you are not just an ordinary girl because YOU ARE MY GIRL.

2nd LO- IF I WERE A SCRAPBOOK. Can you see me wearing a scrapbook costume? The photo was taken last October 2006 during the Scrappin Club Halloween Party I attended. The LO was about my journey to the world of scrapbooking, the contests that participated in as well as workshops and scrapfests I attended, scrapbooking classes I taught, etc... In the other photo I was happily holding my winning LO in a scrapbooking event, Scrap for a Cause (for children with cancer). My LO won Third Place. Look at the metal embellishment (scissors). Isn't it cute? I loved it the first time I saw it.

Jounaling reads:

If I were a scrapbook I would...

... preserve wonderful memories of my scrapbooker and the persons important to her

...tell beautiful stories of the places she's been to and important life events as well as everyday moments

...inspire others and touch people's lives

...make a difference in the life of my scrapbooker as well as those who will flip through my pages a legacy to my scrapbooker's future generations

...draw ooohhhs, aaahhhs and woooowws from those who will look at my pages

...evoke a myriad of emotions
Both LO used Fancy Pants patterned papers.

Here's Valerie Salmon's sketch from where I based my two LO's. Maybe you can try it too, in case you run out of original ideas...

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