Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A LO on Letting Go

This LO is my entry in Working Moms'Page Layout Contest sometime in July. I decided to create a LO for my son, Jigs entitled Letting Go...Letting Love. As parents we are faced with the reality that when our kids grow up, they will have a life of their own. So this early, when our kids are stillin our care, we must learn to let go of the very little things that there may be like their first camping trip, first retreat or sleep over. This will surely help us accept the bigger letting go's to come Here's my layout...hope you like it.

my journaling revealed after the photo is lifted up

For this LO, I used the following materials: Chatterbox PPS, Fabriano cardstock, Gin-X Chipboard, Doodlebug Designs Party Mix Rub ons, ribbons and lace, metal flowers, rhinestones, silk flower, fibers and brads.

My journaling reads:

Late last year, my husband Danny decided to end his 10-year stint as an OFW in Saudi Arabia. Along with this decision came changes in some aspects of our family life. One of my concerns was what Jigs' reaction would be knowing that his Daddy's homecoming would mean that he could not sleep with me anymore. For the past 10 years, Jigs and I slept together except when his Daddy was home for his yearly vacations.

When Jigs was smaller I had to put him to sleep with his favorite lullabies but as he grew older, our nights were filled with conversations on anything and everything under the sun - his favorite Disney cartoons, toys that he wanted me to buy for him, his school escapades, places that he wished to go to... Some nights, it was play time like when he wanted me to name as many Pokemon characters that I knew. Some nights, it was serious talk. I still could recall a conversation we had two years ago. Our topic? Past life, a not so conventional topic to be shared by a mother to his then 10-year old son. I didn't know what came into me that night when I told him that probably we had a past life encounter. But young as he was, he seemed to be interested, he seemed to have understood.

It's been more than 5 months now since our "separation" and I'm still finding it hard to let go. There are times when I ask myself, "How is he coping with our "separation"? He seems to be okey with his Lola Baby as his new bedmate. Maybe he is quite adjusted already.

I know sooner or later, I have to let go as there are more letting go's to come between the two of us so it's better to resolve this one now. Yes, there are more letting go's to come like his first camp-out or retreat or his first out-of-town trip, the day he'll introduce his girlfriend or the day he'll go to college and be on his own, the day he'll get married and many more... These are realizations that every mother needs to face and the best way to deal with them is by letting go. Because letting go means letting love.

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