Wednesday, November 7, 2007

LO's for my Son

It was only recently that I made 12x12 LOs for my son Jigs. I finished his two scrapbooks (8 x 11.5) last year and I decided that his next album will be 12x12. It was only mid this year that 12x12 papers and albums became popular in the Philippines. Most of the supplies still come from the US except for some local suppliers. I'd like to share two of the LOs I made for him.

I used Cherry Arte patterned papers for this LO which is my entry in Scrapbytes' monthly Challenge (Man of the Hour). Journaling on a tag is hidden beneath the photo. I rarely use black and white for my LOs but I tried it for this one.

Journaling reads:

Sometimes I ask myself why you are too shy to express yourself. Is it a trait you inherited from your Daddy? Until now, I never get tired of saying, "I love you, my baby boy!" to you which you of course disagree of being a Big Boy at 12. I don't know what prevents you from expressing your emotions especially when I ask you if you love your Mama. More often than not, this question remains unanswered. But in one of our before-going-to-bed conversations two years ago you responded in different manner. When I asked you if you love your Mama, you did not answer at once but kept silent for a while and later uttered "ITLOG, ITLOG!". What in the world is "ITLOG, ITLOG!", I asked. You answered me with a question, "What is the shape of an egg?". Oh, I see, you do love me. "ITLOG, ITLOG!" is "OO". It is the YES I have long been waiting for. That night, my heart shouted for joy. At last, you were able to express yourself in a funny but creative way. I believe deep in your heart, it's true.June 21, 2007 (ITLOG is EGG in Filipino)

For this LO, I used 3 Bugs in a RUG paper. I sew the buttons on my page. I love buttons. I have a collection of buttons contained in clear bottles. My button collection inspires me. My journaling is again hidden beneath the photo. It tells of the bond I share with him, that even if he grows up to be a man, he'll always be my boy...This LO was also accepted to appear in 3BIAR Idea Gallery.

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