Thursday, November 29, 2007

Winner - RAK Time

I have already drawn the winner of my RAK! Sorry for the delay, it was supposed to be last Saturday (November 24) but I wanted someone to witness the drawing of the winner and of course I also wanted a souvenir photo or two. Thanks to Issa for witnessing the draw and taking my photos. There are 21 who responded to my Personality Test - Alby, Nita, Khei, Sheryl, Candy, Florence, Ella, Jennifer, Gaye, Tetchie, Yvette, Issa, Jengkie, Chay, Sunshine, Helga, Cookie, Marj, Lee, Arnie and Liezl. Thanks, ladies for joining.

And the winner is...

YVETTE PLANAS.Congratulations, Yvette!

Last December 3, Yvette received her prize. And we had this photo op courtesy of Issa. Here are some of our photos:

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yvette said...

yippeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! swerte ko talaga! thanks timi!